Features of Lead Capture System.

  • Redirect function allows you to redirect your prospects to your replicated company, or personal website after your prospect fills out the form.
  • No Confirmation after prospect fills out the form

    Autoresponder Features:

  • 3 Autoresponders (Campaigns) with upto 20 message each.
  • Ability to have an unlimited length of messages in each autoresponder.
  • Clients can ban e-mail address's from their autoresponders.
  • Subscribers can add their e-mail address to systems master ban list.
  • Handles both plain text and HTML e-mails, sends HTML e-mail as multi-part with a plain text version, every one can read e-mail sent from the system.
  • Supports both e-mail or form subscription to activate autoresponders.
  • All autoresponder e-mails can be personalized with over 100 personalization tags.
  • Automatically inserts unsubscribe links in all out going e-mail from system.
  • Link Tracking, see how many clicks you get on links in your e-mail using the link tracking.
  • Built in Reminder service.
  • Automatic Bounce Email removal.
  • Easy to configure and use.

    More Features:

  • Easy to use web based Back Office... complete with video tutorials.
  • Autoresponders can be set-up, accessed and modified 24 hours a day.
  • Complete Subscriber reporting.
  • Can add or delete prospects manually by cut and paste or CSV upload.
  • Custom HTML code to add form to web pages outside our systems.
  • Can set the from name and reply-to email address of out going e-mail from autoresponder.
  • Can schedule mailings, and do a one off mailing (broadcast) to autoresponder list.
  • Tracks unsubscribes, bounces and pending subscribers.
  • Plus much more.


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