Q: How Long has Lead Capture System been in business?

A: Lead Capture System has been in business for 6 years providing Capture pages for individual marketers, MLM Teams, and wholesale lead companies.

Q: How Much Does Lead Capture System Cost?

A: Lead Capture System costs only $8.95 a month, that includes 30 splash pages, a full blown follow-up autoresponder, and hosting of all your splash page.

Q: Do I need to pay for hosting of my splash page?

A: No, we host the all the splash pages for you, and provide you with a unique url for each splash page.

Q: Can You Add text/Audio/Video To Lead Capture System Splash Page?

A: Yes, we add your own text, audios and videos to your custom splash page. If you are using YouTube, GoogleVideo, My space, or any other video hosting service we can it and have your video play on the splash page..

Q: Do I need to have My Own Autoresponder?

A: No, We do provide you with an autoresponder for the $8.95 a month.

Q: Once I signup for lead Capture system will LeadCapturesystem.com promote it for me?

A: No. You as the page owner are responsible for sending Traffic to it. If you go to our Marketing page you will find our marketing plan, and links for a few companies we recommend when marketing your splash page(s).

Q: What if I do not want the url you provivde?

A: If you would like a simpler URL for your customers to remember you should consider purchasing your own domain name. You can then forward your domain name directly to the unique url of your splash page. This is actually the preferred method of our clients, and is required if you are using email to promote your splash page. Buy Domains Here Only $8.95/Year

Q: What if I do not know html code?

A: No Problem, we customize the splash page for you, you simply fill out a form..providing the information and we do the work for you. In addition our autoresponder has a html editor so you can create html messages without knowing html code



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